The Color of Boyhood is a photographic project that seeks to explore the ways in which race affects how boys and young men are viewed by society, as well as how they see themselves.

It asks does the color of your skin determine the length of time you get to spend in boyhood? At what point are you old enough for society to consider you a threat based on your skin tone? And most importantly, how does this contrast with who you know yourself to be?

As a white, female photographer this is not my story. I have never shared the experiences of my subjects, or their parents. My goal is simply to use photography as a way to increase understanding. This project is intended to allow its' subjects a place to share their experiences and stories. It was led by them. Each participant was asked how they wanted to present themselves and what they wanted to share. This project is a platform for their voices. The camera and photographer are simply tools to reflect who they know themselves to be. Yes, I took the photos because that is one thing I can do to amplify their voices, but this project truly belongs to them.

-Sara Easter

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